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Next Generation Data Science in a Secure Cloud

Tuesday, March 16th
at 11am CET / 10am GMT

As more and more data scientists and companies move their work processes and projects to the cloud, it becomes of an exponentiated importance, how to professionally and cost-effectively scale your Data Science capability within a secure cloud that delivers scalability, reproducibility and automation in an open framework.

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • how to master the key challenges every data science team faces when training and operationalizing complex AI models at scale.
  • how to run classic machine learning workloads and run algorithms such as XGBoost and Apache Spark at large scale, flipping between a simple CPU backend and a DGX A100 powered compute environment with a single click.
  • how to address the reproducibility challenge that is notoriously present in all stochastic workloads.
  • how to deploy models via a single-click deployment process.
  • how to be compliant to the General European and German Data Protection Regulations as well as adhering to the company’s own Security Governance.

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Milan Kotecha
Regional Sales Director – Domino Data Lab

Nikolay Manchev
Principal Data Scientist for EMEA – Domino Data Lab

Lutz Kirchner
CTO – GTS Data Processing

Diego Volkenandt
Head of Product Management – GTS Data Processing